Quitting My Job

Originally I had two jobs then I quit one. Then, later on I got another second job and I just recently decided to quit that one as well. So, now I still have my office job which I have been with for a year! (Happy Anniversary to me!) I honestly think that I don’t like having two jobs. Yes, I get extra money to save and spend but is it worth sacrificing time and energy for a few extra dollars! The job a just quit was a down grade from my current job. At my current job, I have technology, my own desk! It seems like a luxury that I didn’t have at my previous job. I just want to bring awareness to the fact that people should enjoy life. Stop overworking! Don’t let your life be ruled by money. Never torture yourself or cause unnecessary stress in your life. It’s not worth it! If you can handle two jobs I applaud you because it’s hard!


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