School Motivation

Have you ever had trouble studying or staying motivated in school? I have had those moments when I didn’t feel like doing homework or I was lazy in class. Do not give up! School is supposed to be a challenge but lucky there are many ways to combat those challenges. Some of which have severely helped my overall performance in school.

  1. Set Goals

When you set goals, it becomes easier to accomplish things. If you set a goal to study 30 minutes a day you can improve in your academics. It could even be personal goals such as only eating healthy snacks between classes. Goals help students succeed. I know goals have definitely improved my academics.

2. Reward Yourself

After all the hard work you need a break! Go ahead and splurge on that desert you wanted or eat at that one restaurant you’ve been planning to try out. Rewarding yourself after hard work allows you to condition yourself to seek reward and celebrate after everything is complete.

3. Try your best

Never take school for granted. I have learned to try hard and plan to succeed the first time. If you try hard and take school seriously you won’t have to worry about retaking classes or regretting, wishing you did better.


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