A Choice

Today, I came across an article about American women pubic hair. It discusses how the influence of porn and men have affected the way women pubic hair is viewed. After reading, I pondered and realized I never really felt the need to get rid of my pubic hair. I may have shaved a few times but that’s as far as I have gone. The same with my body hair. I do not think I have ever been so grateful but I am glad my mom did not influence the stereotypical view of women body hair. I used to hate that my mother never taught me how to get rid of my body hair. I thought if I got rid of my body hair it made me more of a woman or it made me better than someone who did not. Now, I am thankful for what she did. She allowed me to be able to be confident with my body and help me realize that I do not need to shave my pubic hair if I do not want to. 

I bet the beauty industry makes so much money on women. This is just a thought. Any type of hair removal or beauty enhancement cost on average $8 at the minimum and can become a costly investment over time. As a college student, I struggle to afford everything. I got caught up in this highly advertised market my first two years of college. Resulting to me wasting money and reverting back to not shaving. It has been almost a year since I actually bought a shaving product. I do not see it as a necessity. I can barely afford food so I can not imagine spending money on shaving products or a Brazilian wax. In the article, it was discussed (based off of the esthetician, Staiman) that African-American women were the least out of other women ethnicities to get a Brazilian wax. I assume money to be the main issue. This does not mean that African American women do not spend money on other forms of hair removal. It just means that most African American women do not spend money on Brazilian waxing (according to this article). 

One of the stereotypes of women pubic hair is that there should be no hair. Why should something that is naturally there be shaved or waxed off? Why is it a stereotypical expectation? Two reasons of women pubic hair stereotypes is influenced by men and porn. In the article, “Pinto” (one of the lady’s) she said she began to get Brazilian wax regularly because of her active casual sex lifestyle but never at the request of a man. However, her past partners liked how “smooth it was and how it looked clean. Another lady, Alanna (a sorority girl) talked about the peer pressure by her sisters to get a Brazilian wax. She mentioned how it felt weird to have no hair. It was smooth but she felt pubescent  “like an infant girl”. 

These things may be true but is it worth it? The American beauty industry along with the entertainment industry has conditioned everyone to believe that women with no body hair is exceptional and should be the norm. Women do not have to get this procedure done but it is stereotypically expected?

Heavy no body hair influencers such as Kim Kardashian (mentioned in the article) and other sex symbols have approved of no pubic hair. Porn has been a negative influence for women as well. The removal of pubic hair originally to get a close up of “female genitalia”. It has affected the way many view women and their body hair. 

When I think back to my pre teen and teenage years; I realize I had been influenced by so many women stereotypes. I bought tons of makeup and beauty products because for some odd reason I thought that would make me hot and attractive enough to get a man. I thought if I do not shave my pubic hair no man would want to have sex with me because it would not be sexy. Sadly, I know that there might be so many other young girls who have the same or similar thoughts that I once had. Maybe one day they might realize that it does not matter what you do as long as you are doing it because it makes you happy then it is okay. Whenever you do something for anyone else’s approval contrary to what you feel is right you already lost respect for yourself. 

The link to this article is below:

Pubic Hair Extinct In America?



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