Vlogging or Nah

I have debated over having a vlog. Vlogs are very easy to do unless someone does not like the way they sound or they do not like their face. When someone is vlogging, most of the time they are talking to the camera or doing voice commentary on videos. Talking is naturally easier than writing. You don’t have to worry about grammar!

Vlogging has been heavily prevalent on Youtube. In the past 10 years, Youtube has been a go to source to become a socialite. Some of my favorite Youtubers are actually all musicians that make covers or create their own music. I am a fan of piano music (not only for studying). Anyway, there are a few things I look for in a Youtube channel:

Good content- It is important to have content that you can educate people with, have some comedy or share your amazing talent (I love fan art). I prefer to watch people who teach, who are musicians, and sometimes travel vlogs.

Editing- Editing makes or breaks a video. Someone could have the best content but if they do not have good editing it probably won’t be the best video ever. Most people probably notice but don’t understand how someone else’s videos look a certain way or how the videos are smooth and to the point. Adding music can be a great feature, it makes videos more interesting. Having a good quality background can help with keeping the audience focused on you and your content.

Personality and Presentation- The way someone acts and presents themselve on social media is something I look for as well. It’s important that the Youtubers I watch aren’t inappropriate or annoying.

A small pet peeve: I am not concerned about what someone wears but the most distracting things someone could wear, are hats and logos, there are enough commercials on youtube (just an observation).

No hats, no logos! =unpresentable and/or distracting!

Privacy- Privacy is one of my favorite things. If you enjoy your privacy maybe you should think about starting a vlog before investing your time and money. Sites like Youtube can give someone the opportunity to expose themselves and/or their products and help them start a career. It’s a lovely platform but also something that people should use with caution. Be Safe.


*This is a list of links below of some Youtube channels that I find interesting:

Adrian von Ziegler

Arctic Empire


Cat Trumpet




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