Impulse Spending

I used to have a bad impulsive spending habit. I still find myself spending a lot but I have improved. To control my finances, I have to decide what I need instead of what I want. So to help change this habit I created a list of ideas to reduce my impulse spending. I used this list to help start good spending habits. Hopefully, this can be useful to anyone trying to reduce bad spending habits.


  • Pay bills, after setting money aside for savings!
  • Check bank account(s) before spending
  • Set budget ($40 per month)
  • Ask yourself what you need and why you need it
  • Don’t buy things you don’t currently need
  • When window shopping or browsing a store leave your card in a hard to reach place (back of bag)
  • Withdraw your budget amount and hide your card. Use your cash to keep track of how much you’re spending.
  • For unexpected trips set amount total for everything (example $50) *As soon as you learn where you are going set a budget asap!


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