This weekend I had the opportunity to go to my first luau! I didn’t have to travel that far. My sister and I drove about 30 minutes into the country and we made it to the house the luau took place at. When we arrived, we saw a beautiful aloha sign and there was a path to walk down to the stage and sitting area. We got in line to get food; it was a potluck so, me and my sister both brought bread. The host provided the meat which was Kālua pork. I don’t eat pork but for manners I did eat a little bit. I could not tell if there was any other hawaiian foods on the table because there was a blend of different cultures. There was a lot of asian cuisine like chow mein and cellophane noodles (clear/ glass noodles) with chicken. We sat down and then the show started.

The dancers started off with teaching the guest dance moves, then they had an explanation of women wearing flowers behind their ears. If the flower is on the left, it means the woman is taken. If the flower is on the right, it means the woman is single and approachable. They wore a variety of outfits and then they performed varies dances throughout the evening. My favorite performance was a solo dancer that danced to  Po La’ie (Silent Night in Hawaiian). It was a wonderful performance and experience! I hope to go to another luau!

-Yume ♥♥

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