No Makeup

Today, I did something that I have not done in a long time. I did not wear makeup today. I was getting ready for school and I could not remember the last time I went to school purposely without makeup. I like creating new looks on my face. However, honestly I have invested in a lot of makeup so I push myself to use it because I do not want to waste money. Makeup is expensive and the stuff I have is nice quality. The last time I wore makeup was approximately three years ago. I think in the past I started wearing  makeup to help evoke the emotions I felt like expressing. It was an everyday must to make me feel good which is ok. It helped me start building confidence. So today, when I woke up after hugging my bed and hitting snooze, I got dressed and usually I spend 15-30 minutes putting on makeup. It is not that long. I put on the basics: eyeshadow, blush, bb cream etc. If I am feeling dramatic I add false eyelashes or eyeliner. For me makeup is an artistic expression.

Recently, I have been influenced by a youtuber named Maryjane Byram . Usually I do not follow many people on social media but she is very confidence and inspirational. I love how she goes natural and how she is pretty the way she is. I can feel how much confidence that radiates from her through the screen. When I looked in the mirror this morning, I did not want to put on makeup because I wanted to spend more time to get breakfast. Plus, my skin was so radiant and clear today. I can not remember the last time I actually had acne either. Then I thought about Maryjane, and how confident she is in her own skin. I thought I should try to be more confident with my natural beauty. So, I put on my contacts and I left for school with no makeup. I actually never thought I would go makeup less today but I realized that I have much confidence in myself and my looks. I am so glad I did not wear makeup today. I am thinking of and looking forward to having more makeup less days!


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