Student Loans

When I was a teenager, I was always told that loans were bad. I assumed if you had lots of debt you could never not be in debt, (So silly). When I began college I made the worst mistake. Since I was financially illiterate, I did not realize what I was doing. I went to the financial aid office and I was recommended to get loans. If I wanted to continue on to the next semester, I would have to take the loans. Unfortunately, I took them.

Now I understand that I did not have to take the loans if I had been prepared for college. I think loans are helpful sometimes. These are the things I would take out student loans for:

1.  A car

I do not have a car and where I live it is hard to get around without it. I would save up some money and if I was short, I would use loans to help with the remaining cost of the car. Depending on where you live and go to school, it should help with the decision.

2.  Dental Work

I have never been to the dentist. My parents could not afford it. I remember going to the clinic and having scans but that was when I was four. I am in need of getting dental work but it is expensive. I need dental work urgently but there is no money I have to spare. I would have used student loans to cover most of the cost of my dental work. I do not believe I would have any regrets. It would have been one of my greatest investments.

A car and dental work are the only things I would have spent student loans on. I would like to travel but I think it is foolish to use loans for vacation. I have the basic necessities I need to live frugal, so I am content.



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