Student Discounts!

Student Discounts are a good thing to use when you are in college. Discounts help even by a little. Some of my favorite discounts are for entertainment. Here are some places to get student discounts.

UNiDAYS: UNiDAYS has a variety of companies that offer student discounts. It is a simple process. It is free to sign up however, you have to have your university email (.edu) to register. Then you are able to buy with the offered discounts! I used UNiDAYS, it is a nice service. I do not shop often. Usually, I sometimes use the discount for Apple Music.

Amazon Student Prime: Prime is a diverse program. It offers free two day shipping, streaming, shopping (Whole Foods Mart) depending on where you live, Music, Books, and much more! Something I recently discovered is that Amazon has Home Services. If you need help moving in and out or need something fixed and installed, you can book an appointment. I have never tried it because I have no use for it but it is very interesting service. The price for students used to be $49 went up to $59. For regular Prime members it is you can pay $12.99 monthly or $119 annually.

Spotify + Hulu: My favorite discount! I used to only have Spotify and occasionally pay for Hulu. When Spotify and Hulu combined I was excited. I do not care that there are commercials. It is a good deal. I can watch shows and listen to music at a great price of $4.99 a month.

Local Businesses: Sometimes local businesses near your campus offer discounts. Many businesses near my university offer discounts if a student shows their ID. See if there are any discounts even if it is not much.

-Yume ♥♥

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