Want to be a Musician?

How will you make money? I think that’s a waste of money. You need a real job. There are many things that I have been told as a musician. So many people have opinions about my life choices but I do not care about what people say. I think it is funny that people say so many negative things about life as an artist but listen or support mainstream artist daily. Listening to music apps, watching ads on television, movie soundtracks, etc. I could keep going with how music is constantly around everywhere. Being a musician is seen as a risky, non traditional career. However, a career in music is endless. There is much more than what people see or know of. Yes, musicians can be teachers and performers but there is much more that we can be and do.

I had trouble accepting my choice to be a musician. When I made my decision, I went with what made me happy and excited to live. I know money is important; I have tried many times to do something solely for money but I can not stand it. When I do things with out a passion it is so hard for me. I actually do things quite terribly because I do not care and I am unhappy. My happiness and mental well being became important to me and I started to go with what made me happy. Music is something that I am passionate about but I have so many other passions. I majored in music to learn and become a better performer and musician. I am happy with my choice.


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