Valentine Movies

Valentines Day is a nice holiday! This year I started a tradition. I watch at least 14 Romantic or Valentine themed movies until Valentines Day. It is so fun. These are the movies I picked out for 2019.

  1. A Cinderella Story– a classic favorite. This is one of my favorite movies that I constantly watched as a child. It is a nice teen romance film for Valentines.
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- this movie is not necessarily romantic but it is based around a chocolate factory. On Valentines many people receive chocolate as a gift. This movie is cute for Valentines.
  3. I Feel Pretty– this movie is so inspirational. It is a great movie that inspires self love and confidence. This is a great movie for being single during Valentines.
  4. The Space Between Us– this movie is phenomenal I enjoy space themed movies and I love science. This was a lovely story and it was so romantic. This is my favorite movie I watched during Valentines.
  5. The Theory of Everything– this movie shows unconditional love, struggle, and sacrifice. This story is based on Stephan Hawking and Jane Hawking. This movie is a sweet Valentine pick.
  6. A Dog’s Purpose– this movie is cute. This movie goes throughout the different lives of one dog. How much cuter can this movie get. If you are a dog lover, this is a heavily recommended Valentine movie.
  7. The Back-up Plan– this movie was funny and sweet. I loved the actors and the plot. It was a great romantic comedy. This is a great Valentines movie if you are a Jlo fan or if you like a good rom com.
  8. How to lose a guy in 10 days– this movie is funny, with great characters. I enjoyed the plot and I liked the idea of the movie. This is a great movie for Valentines.
  9. Angus, Thongs, Perfect Snogging– this movie is a great teen movie. It has nice music and it takes place in England. This is a great coming to age film for Valentines.
  10. Breaking Dawn Part 1: Twilight Saga– this movie is one of my favorites. Any movie from the Twilight Saga is good for anytime of the year. This is a great romantic movie choice for Valentines.
  11. Stardust– this movie is filled with adventures. This is one of my favorite movies I always watch. There is much romance and beautiful scenes. This is a great adventure movie for Valentines.
  12. Beauty and Beast- this movie is a classic. I watched the live action film but the original cartoon version is great as well. This is a great classic film to watch on Valentines.
  13. Lol– this movie is a great coming to age film. It has great story line. This is a great Valentine movie for teens.
  14. Harry and Sally– this movie is a classic. This movie is about two people who question “Can men and women be just friends?” . This is a perfect movie for Valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day / Día de San Valentín!


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