AMC Best Picture Showcase, Day 2

The AMC Showcase is an event before the Oscars. Selected AMC theaters play Oscar nominee movies in the category of Best Picture. This year was my first time participating in the Showcase. I had rehearsals during the first day of the showcase so I only went to day two. It was a great experience. You pay for your ticket online, then the day of the event you get passes and it has the list of movies playing that day on it. In between each movie there is trivia where you can win prizes.


Day Two movies consisted of:

VICE– It was my favorite movie of day two. I enjoyed the history and I loved the cast.

Black Panther – This movie is my favorite anytime. I had already seen black panther but I was happy to see it again. The soundtrack always gets me excited.

A Star is Born– This movie had great music but I was unaware that it was a remake. It was my first time watching this movie. I cried at the end. ♥

Green Book– This movie was the most relatable. I loved the music and the inspiration behind this great story. This movie makes me happy to be pursuing a music degree.

Overall I really enjoyed this day it was fun. I may do it again next year!







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