Late Period

Growing up I never tracked my period accurately. I do not remember my first period or what age. I do not remember anything at all. All I know is that when I got my first period, I did not tell anyone until after I got my period for a while and I acted like it was my first period. Recently, I started tracking my menstruation cycle with an app. It is a wonderful tool I wish I had when a was a teen. I would understand more about my body but I did not get a smart phone until recently. This month, my period is officially late and it scares me and makes me anxious. I always suspected that my menstruation cycle is irregular.

Some of my symptoms and challenges during my cycles have been:

Light flow– I usually wear pads for 1-2 days and pantyliners for the remainder of my period. When I was younger, I used tampons but came to the conclusion that my flow is too light for me to need tampons. I had no idea that my periods where light until I talked with other woman about their cycles.

Cramps- only happens before and on the day of my first period

Birth Control– I do not take birth control because I am afraid of the effects of possible hormones. I also have to take medicines for another health problem, so I want to reduce the amount of medicine I need to take. I am interested in getting a birth control implant but I am currently still on my parents insurance and they do not agree with birth control practices.

Body type– I have been petite all my life. I am a small woman and I feel I may be under weight to have a period.

Symptoms that could contribute to a late or missed period:

Excessive activity-I walk approximately 5,113 steps a day (from my health app on iPhone). I also am a dancer and singer. I also love going to gym for fun.

Lack of nutrients-I burn more calories than I can eat and take in. I have trouble finding time to eat a full meal so I eat snacks through out the day and eat dinner when I get home in the evening. I eat breakfast but it is early. I wake up and eat around 7 am everyday. I also am cheap with food because I do not have much money so usually the food money is last in my budget. I feel this may be a big factor with me not getting my periods.

I will discuss these things with my doctor. I have been stressed that my period is not here on time. I do not know if I will have one this month but this is the first time I accurately tracked my cycle. However, I am sure this has happened in the past but I did not notice.


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