Mental Health

For about five months I have been unmotivated, tired of my life, unhappy with most things, and I feel lost. I need a break from my current lifestyle. I am a college student that has never handled stress and anxiety well. Even outside of school my life has been nothing like I would like it to be. I know life is not as people plan it to be but somethings that I want in life should happen. I know things will not get better with complaining so I have tried many things to motivate me to change my situation. Unfortunately, I have not found any solutions to my problems. Honestly, everyday I want to be isolated, I want to stay inside and hide. In the past I have had episodes and I found something to move past it. I fear that I may have to start going to counseling again. I really hate going to a counselor because I feel like it’s their job to care and sometimes it can be impersonal. I like talking to close friends but lately most of my friends have graduated and are focusing on themselves which is wonderful. I feel bad and I do not want to bother them but I need someone to talk too. I know that where I live is a huge factor in why I am unhappy. I live in a place where I do not have proper, dependable transportation and I do not fit into the main lifestyle in the area. However, this is just I small fraction of the things that I am unhappy about.

Mental Health is something that everyone should acknowledge and try to maintain. Most times for many reasons people have bad mental health. I am not putting any things that could help mental health because I feel it is inappropriate. All I hope is that if someone needs help they go to a friend, family, or a certified counselor. I hope they try to stay optimistic in their situations and try to change it. Hope everyone stays healthy and strong!


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