Cute Mobile Games

I love playing cute mobile games! They are very entertaining. These are my favorite games to play:


Line Play is my favorite cute game to play. There are many opportunities to get cute things for your avatar that you do not have to pay for! There is always something to do on this game and there is not any levels. So you can play as much or as little as you want. Some of my favorite things to do are quests, pets, house, squares, and gachas.

Quest: You are rewarded gems upon completion.

Extra things: Stories, Magic Box

VIP status: buying coins, hearts, and gems. Playing VIP exclusive gachas.

Themed activities: Valentines, Easter, Sakura season, etc.

Line play is app only.



Love Nikki

Love Nikki is a cute game with lots of fashion. I like the cute outfits you can get. This game has many items you can get without pay. I do not know much about this game because I recently started playing. So far this game is pleasant. You have journeys: you complete acts (stories), Princess and Maiden. There is quest, achievement awards, mystery house (like gachas) , competitions, and many other events.

Here is a website that helps, LoveNikki. It is a little outdated but it helps to understand this game.

Love Nikki is App Only!




Lady Popular Fashion Arena

Lady Popular was one of my first doll games. I would play this game every time I came home from school. I played the original version than I got into the current version they have now. I liked this game in the beginning but this game has become very complex. You get an apartment, pets, cars, and a boyfriends, and husbands. There are engagement parties, weddings, 3 main contests, fashion deals, lady clubs, and a whole lot more! They also have events going on all the time that feature exclusive items. I have not played this game consistently in years because it is very time consuming!

Available on desktop and app!



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