Mental Breakdown

I am so stressed. I have been unable to sleep, I have inconsistent eating, and all I feel like doing is nothing. I have been stressed with these things:

  1. New Job– I recently got my first professional singing job! I am excited but stressed because I have much music to learn.
  2. Finishing certain Business Goals by June (preferably before summer classes begin)– I officially started making business decisions and I am stressed about getting it all done by June. I have a schedule and dates of launching merch.
  3. Summer School– I just finished another spring semester at university! I am stressed because I only have a few weeks of “vacation” to do the things mentioned above and to relax. I need to spend more time relaxing but I can not afford to take a long break right now because it will but me behind schedule. 
  4. Reviewing Languages, Japanese and learning new languages, Russian-Every summer I review Japanese language because I am not fluent yet in Japanese. I go over things I need to refresh on. It is fun and quite easy because it is review but I recently started stressing about losing what I previously learn. Recently, I became very interested in Russian culture so I started learning the language. I can not stop falling in love with many cultures!
  5. Other: Family conflict/drama– I have had some family conflict/drama that has unfortunately added on to my stress level.

I have been keeping up with my blogging goals so that makes me slightly relieved. I have some many blog post in beta that I want to right about. However, most of the things I plan to blog about require me to watch or listen to entertainment. So when I am less stressed out I will finish and post those.



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