Summer Films

Here is some nice movies to watch inspired by summertime!

The Last Summer (Netflix Original): this movie is funny sweet and overall teenage film. It is about a Chicago teens spending their last summer before college or adult work. Very cute film nice cast and great stories! This was my favorite movie that I watched!

The Perfect Date (Netflix Original): this movie is a teenage rom-com. It is great if you are a fan of Noah Centineo. It is about a teen who launches a fake date app to earn money for college.

Baywatch 2017: It can not be summer without Baywatch. This is a perfect summer film with a wonderful cast. It is a movie adaptation of the tv show with a new cast. An elite lifeguard group solves crime happening around the bay.

Overboard (1987), (2018): The 1987 version is about Joanna, a rich woman who loses her memory when she falls off her yacht into the ocean. Dean takes advantage of her amnesia and tells her she is his wife. He has her work for her unpaid debt. The 2018 version is similar but the roles are switched. Leonardo is a rich playboy who fires Kate from working for him. He gets amnesia and Kate convinces him that he is her husband as payback.

The Notebook: A classic romance story about long lasting love. A elderly man reads to his wife that has dementia. He reads their love story in attempt to jog her memory about their relationship and love.

Mamma Mia: This is a movie musical about a woman getting married who wants to invite her father to walk her down the aisle. She ends up inviting three men who could potentially be her father.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 & 2: A coming to age film about friendship. I read these books growing up and it is one of my favorite series. The movies are a great summer watch.

Lilo and Stitch: A great nostalgic childhood movie. They story is set in Hawaii. Stitch, an alien pretends to be a pet.

Parent Trap: Two girls discover that they are twins while attending summer camp. They decide to switch places so they can spend time with their other parent.

Surf’s Up: A penguin wants to be a professional surfer.


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