Pre Menstrual syndrome  (PMS)

I used to think that I never got bad PMS Symptoms. Recently, I became aware of how bad my PMSing has been. My chronic illness, depression and anxiety is intensified. I had horrible mood swings that have caused my stress to worsen and some of my relationships have suffered. This unfortunately is not the first time that I possibly ruined a relationship before or could not understand why I was acting a certain way. When I am PMSing I feel like I am going crazy!

This year I started to track my menstrual cycle for the first time. I admit I have neglected to accurately keep up with my dates and symptoms. After half a year of keeping track, I have realized that I have all the PMS Symptoms; mood swings, sore, tender, enlarged boobs, headaches, etc. Since this is the first time accurately tracking, I have no idea what my menstrual cycle was like as an adolescent. I have no idea when my first period was or if I have had reoccurring symptoms. I am thankful for tracking apps they have helped tremendous! Here is some tips for periods and PMS.

Apps to track menstrual cycle:

Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker

Pros: Easy to navigate, Pregnancy Mode, Graphs and Reports

Cons: Community Forum: too much TMI about strangers personal life


Pros: Great for kids/teens, Has lots of symptom options to possibly track

Cons: Harder to navigate, Clue Plus: basic tracking and info with free version, Clue Connect (Share cycle info): this can be shared with anyone and stopped at any time

Tips for PMSing:

Tell significant other and/or family: let them know if you need space or support

Hot bath: Helps with pain relief

Meditation: Helps with mood swings, (great for cry spells and/or anger)

Exercise/dance: Helps keep body active and focused on something

Maintain low stress level: (Hard to do as a full time student) Try relaxing more by watching tv, sleeping, give time to finish assignments/job duties

Tips for periods:

I try to avoid taking medication for pain. I like to do natural solutions such as:

Heating pad






Yours Truely,









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