Life Thoughts

I have always thought about the future but lately it is a constant thought stream. I have various emotions about the future. I am happy, excited, but also worried and afraid. I have been living in tough situations. I have less than $5 dollars in my bank, I am indebted to multiple people because of school expenses, and I continue to push away people who love me and those who try to get to know me. I have had bad mood swings from many things such as depression, anxiety, stress, and PMS. I feel happy and excited about the future because I have hope that my life will get better. However, I am worried and afraid about the future because most of the things I did not want to happen in my life happened. Everything I feared came true and it was hard for me to believe that I could possibly mentally and emotionally recover from it. In the past month, I have made so many mistakes, risks and changes in my life. Currently, I have no idea if they where for the better. I have so many things I want to achieve this year and years to come. I hope that I can continue to try to push on and keep going.


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