Spread Love

Today, I saw a man writing a love letter. It was interesting to me. He keep rewriting things not knowing what to say. He was an older man and it was reminded me that regardless of any age, one can be flustered or in love with someone.

I am currently happy with where I am in life. I am in a stage of growth and it is wonderful. I have made many mistakes in relationships but I have learned so much. One of the things I am working on improving is loving others. I am improving in these areas: self love, family,    friends, SO’s, and classmates/ acquaintances.

Self Love: The most important love. Before you can love others you must love yourself.

1. Buy yourself something you like.

2. Make time to do an activity you enjoy.

3. Think positive thoughts. If you make a mistake or you forget something. Think about improving the situation instead of doubting yourself and being negative.


1. Spend time with parents/caregivers. If you have an okay relationship with parents try to do activities with them. They are not getting younger. Enjoy them and appreciate them while you can.

2. Try not to fight with siblings. Having siblings is a blessing and sometimes it is the worst. Having a mature relationship with siblings could mean being happy for their life accomplishments and/or support of their children or family.

3. Create a supporting and positive atmosphere. Understand that not everyone has the same interests. Try to accept the differences of others but have them do the same for you.


1. Spend quality time together

2. Show emotional support

3. Display trust

Fake friends try to hurt and belittle others. They are not supportive and they strife to make life miserable. They use you and have no regards for you feelings.


1. Celebrate milestones

2. Be Honest

3. Support them with everything that’s healthy. If they want to lose weight, be better in classes/work, etc. support them!

4. Write a love letter


1. General Respect

2. Help out if needed

3. Encourage each other

I have had the opportunity to have some amazing classmates and acquaintances. I have enjoyed going to class and being encouraged to keep going through rough times.

*Avoid toxic people regardless of their relationship to you. No one deserves to feel bad for who they are or made to feel/ be violated in any way.

These are just some ways to show love in various relationships. There are many other ways to display love for others in your life.


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