Facebook Watch

Recently, I watched original content of Facebook Watch. I have had a Facebook account for many years and I never used Facebook Watch functions. I downloaded the mobile app and I browsed the shows. I decided to follow and watch Red Table Talk, Huda Boss, and Sorry For Your Loss.

The Red Table Talk is a great show of gossip and advice. The show host is Jada Pinkett Smith along with Willow (her daughter) and Adrienne (her mother). *2 Seasons

Huda Boss is a show about a beauty empire of makeup mogul Huda Beauty. It stars the founder and CEO Huda Kattan and features her family. *Season 2: August 20, 2019

Sorry For Your Loss is a drama about a young widow. It goes through the journey of grieving. It is an excellent show with a talented cast. This show is one of my favorite tv shows I have watched this year. *1 Season

Overall, the desktop is easier to find content than the app. It also provides for a bigger screen. I hope that more original content is added. There is mostly reality tv and short clips.


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