Stress Relief

It is the first week of classes and I am already stressed out. I have many things to complete this semester and I feel like there is little time to complete them. I usually have a high stress level so I try some things to help reduce or relieve stress.

  1. Meditation Music– it helps me relax and sleep. Sometimes I do not like music with words because I have many things floating in my head already.
  2. Silent Time- it is nice sometimes to silence everything and unplug. It is nice to appreciate the sound of silence. Helps me pull back my focus.
  3. Drinking Hot Tea or Water– very soothing, great for your health.
  4. Stretching- stretching can help awaken body and help release body tension in joints and muscles.
  5. Breathing Control– sometimes I take deep breaths in and out to calm down.
  6. Taking Breaks– stepping away from work or study is a quick break to release tension. You can make a snack or clean.
  7. Journal/Writing– one of the best ways to clear your head. Writing about your day or what you want for life goals.
  8. Playing Piano or Ukulele– nice way to learn a new skill. It is great to play these instruments for soft comforting sounds.
  9. Walk Around– sometimes I take a simple walk and look at nature. It is nice to just take my time and not be in a rush to go any where or do anything.
  10. Exercise– going to gym or at home methods are a good way to relive stress. Helps get you moving and reenergized to study.



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