Netflix Originals

Netflix rating: 5 out of 5


Someone Great: This movie is about a woman who is getting over a long term relationship. It had female power and great representation of relationships with friends and lovers.

Alway Be My Maybe: This movie was great. It is a classic love story. It has Randall Park (Fresh off the Boat), Keanu Reeves, and Ali Wong (Crazy Rich Asians). I enjoyed this rom com, there are many funny and sweet moments.

Secret Obsession: This movie is about a woman waking up after a horrible accident with no memory. This gave me chills. It was suspenseful and had great story development. This was a great thriller.

The Last Summer: This movie surrounds several characters summer after high school. It focuses on the transition between high and college. This movie had such a great cast including two of my favorite actors, Tyler Posey and KJ Apa.

TV Shows:

Stranger Things: This well known tv series is one of the best shows Netflix has to offer. I enjoy the storyline and the suspense.

Sex Education: This show is about a teenage boy who’s mom is a sex therapist. He starts to make profit at school by giving sex and relationship advice through his unofficial clinic. This show has a British cast and is great for teenagers.

Dragon Prince: This tv series is created by the same creators of Avatar the Last Airbender. This is a story about two princes, an elf, and a dragon egg.

The Umbrella Academy: This tv series is about distant siblings with superpowers that try to save the world from an apocalypse. This series is created by Gerard Way, former lead vocalist of My Chemical Romance. This is a fantastic tv show with great music.


Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé: This documentary is about Beyoncé Coachella Performance. It is very addicting to watch such an amazing artist.

The Last Czars: This is a documentary of the Last Czars of Russia. It is an interesting retelling of a tragic story.



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