Green Living

Lately, I have been trying to adapt to eco friendly living. I have invested in reusable straws, recycled (as much as I can), and dined at green resturants. I have made progress but I still have room for improvement. I think it is great to adapt eco friendly habits. It helps to follow organizations or companies dedicated to helping reduce waste and pollution. Here are some great organizations.

Green Restaurant Association

The Green Restaurant Association provides a list of verified green restaurants. If you have a restaurant, you can apply to qualify to be a green restaurant.


Fridays for Future 

Fridays for the Future is an organization that officiates school strikes for the environment. Children get together to stand for a better environmental future.


Oli Frost

Oli Frost is an environmentally activist. He has great tips and videos for an environmental friendly lifestyle.


Green Turtle Company

The Green Turtle Company make reusable straws. They have glass and steel straws. They have great options for reusable straw products.

Boba Guys/ Zero Waste

Boba Guys encourage reusable cups. Sometimes depending on the store you can get a discount.

Zero Waste

A great eco friendly store to buy products.

For the Sea

A great shop for green living products.


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