Just focusing on the future is like taking a walk through the forest. Only looking in the distance. That is weird. Life should be like a walk through the forest. Enjoy walking past the trees, stop and smell the flowers, and watch the animals in the sky. Enjoy what is in front of you, but keep the destination in your mind.

Today, I learned that many people around have always told me to think about my future. They always told me that what I am doing now is a building block for the future. It is ok to think like that but that type of thinking prevents you from appreciating the present. I want to enjoy who I am now and love myself as I am. If I spend some time focusing on my present, I have less pressure to create and be successful in the future. If I focus on the now, I will already be setting myself up for a better future. Loving the present is just as important as loving the future.


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