Halloween Music

Kim Petras  (pop singer) recently released a Halloween album, TURN OFF THE LIGHT. The album consist of a new selection of songs and songs from her previous halloween album, TURN OFF THE LIGHT, vol 1. This album is perfect for the Spooky Season.



Track List:

Purgatory- This song is a great dance break. It is a spooky, EDM track.

There Will Be Blood- This song has a great melody and beat.

Bloody Valentine- This song is another dance break, EDM track.

Wrong Turn- This song has a disco beat. It uses a frequent melody pattern that she likes to use.

<demons>- This song is a spooky dance break.

Massacre- This song has a fun melody. It uses Halloween related lyrics to the tune of Carol the Bells. This is a perfect blind of Halloween and Christmas.

Knives- This song is a dance break.

Death By Sex- My favorite song from the second set of songs. I really like the beat and the energy of this song.

o m e n- This song is a spooky dance break. This track is my favorite dance break.

Close Your Eyes- This song gave me a feeling of familiarity. It made me think of when you are scared and you can do nothing but close your eyes and wait for what happens next.

TRANSylvania- This song is a dance break.

Turn Off the Light (feat. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark)- This song is a groovy track. It is very playful. I love Elvira’s part, it reminds me of Micheal Jackson’s, Thriller.

Tell Me It’s A Nightmare- This song has a great lyric plot.

i don’t wanna die…- This song is another dance break.

In The Next Life- This song got me into vol 1. It is my favorite song from the first set of songs. I love the lyrics and melody.

Boo! Bitch!- This song is another dance break.

Everybody Dies- This song is a beautiful ballad. It has a nostalgic feeling. It is a great way to end a horror themed album.

I really enjoy listening to this album. I currently have it on repeat. I will continue to listen to this every Spooky Season.


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