Loving Others

Recently, I have been focusing on loving others. I have been discipling myself to love others unconditionally. First, I began my journey with self love. After learning to love myself, I decided that I could to spread love to others. I know it sounds weird that I would not know how to love others. However, there is a difference between loving someone out of obligation and loving someone unconditionally. Loving unconditionally is unselfish, honest and kind. It is healthy and free from unhealthy attachment.

I am practicing loving others through 5 love languages: (1: Words of Affirmation, 2: Acts of Service, 3: Receiving Gifts, 4: Quality Time, 5: Physical Touch). Through the different love languages I am helping the people I love accomplish goals and supporting them. I have also been learning to place healthy boundaries for myself. I feel like it is still I struggle for me to love others unconditionally but I continue to remind myself that I am doing a certain task out of love.



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