Self Care

Being at university there were many times that I saw friends and other students develop unhealthy habits for school. I do not think sacrificing self care for tests and class grades is worth it. I remember during my first years of university, I developed by habits of staying up every night to do homework. I believe I had insomnia at this time because of high levels of stress. I also would also sacrifice eating, self grooming, and mental/physical breaks. Below are some ways I managed to develop healthy habits to complete assignments and manage stress. This habits have also helped with work.

Spread out assignments/ tasks- helps reduce stress to get tasks done

Set goals per day- helps to keep motivation

Set bed time- helps insure certain hours of sleep/rest

Schedule self care routine- shower, wash hair, clean apartment etc.- helps to schedule time for essential needs

Step away and come back- helps to recharge and give a well needed break for the brain

Plan meals- helps to reduce unplanned spending

Rehearse day schedule before waking up- helps organize thoughts and plans for the day


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