Holiday Movies

This is a selection of Christmas movies I watched throughout the holidays!

I. While You Were Sleeping

A classic holiday rom-com, based in Chicago starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. Lucy has a secret crush on a handsome commuter named Peter. On Christmas Day, she rescues him from the oncoming train after he is pushed onto the tracks. He falls into a coma, and she accompanies him to the hospital. She is misinterpreted and a nurse tells his family that she is his fiancée.

II. Klaus (Netflix Original)

A cute animated story about the origin of Santa.

III. The Holiday Calendar (Netflix Original)

A holiday rom com that features a magical Advent Calendar.

IV. The Princess Switch (Netflix Original)

A rom com about two people running into one another who look identical and switch places, a Chicago baker and a Princess.

V. The Knight Before Christmas (Netflix Original)

A woman, Brooke, loses hope of finding her “happily ever after” and comes across Cole, a knight who has traveled from the 14th century.

VI. Christmas Inheritance (Netflix Original)

Ellen Langford is heiress to her father’s gift business. Before she can inherit the business, she must deliver a special Christmas card to her dad’s former partner in Snow Falls.

VII. Let It Snow (Netflix Original)

A holiday story that intertwines eight main characters stories into one. This is a heart warming young adult rom com.

VIII. Holiday In The Wild (Netflix Original)

A holiday rom com that takes place in Africa. Kate surprises her husband Drew with a second honeymoon to Zambia, after their son Luke leaves for college. Drew confesses that he no longer loves her and was waiting for Luke to go to college before ending the marriage. Kate decides to go alone on the trip.

IX. Free Rein: 12 Neighs of Christmas (Netflix Original)

This movie is a special feature length episode of the Free Rein series. The plot focuses on Zoe’s quest to fix her grandfather’s ornament that she broke. This movie can be watched without needing to watch the series.

X. A Christmas Prince (Netflix Original)

A journalist is assigned to research and get the scope on a prince who is rumored to forfeit the crown.

XI. A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding (Netflix Original)

The second installment of a Christmas Prince with focus on the royal wedding.

XII. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (Netflix Original)

The third installment of a Christmas Prince with focus on the royal baby and keeping tradition of signing a peace treaty.

XIII. Holiday Rush (Netflix Originals)

Widowed hip-hop radio DJ Rashon “Rush” Williams loses his job at the radio station when it is bought by another company and switches to a pop format.

XIV. Holiday Engagement

A woman is dumped by her fiancee before Christmas. She hires an actor to be her fiancé to bring home for the holidays.

XV. Christmas with the Kranks

A couple decides to skip Christmas to go on a cruise.

XVI. Rise of the Guardians

This is an animated story about the Guardians: Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and the Sandman, who enlist Jack Frost to stop the evil  Pitch Black from engulfing the world in darkness in a fight of dreams.

XVII. Noelle (Disney Original)

After the current Santa Claus’s death months prior, his son, Nick Kringle, is having difficulties trying to complete his training in order to become the next Santa. His younger sister, Noelle, who has been placed in charge of distributing and maintaining Christmas spirit, continues to support him, and even suggests taking the weekend off as to avoid the stress and relax before the big day.

XVIII. The Grinch, 2018

An animated film about the Grinch.

XIX. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The live action Grinch movie starring Jim Carrey.

XX. The Santa Clause

A classic 90’s Christmas movie. A man accidentally causes Santa to fall from the roof and he becomes the new Santa Claus.

XXI. The Santa Clause 2

The second installment of the series, Santa has to find him a Mrs. Claus and get married.

XXII. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

The third installment of the series, Jack Frost tries to become Santa by tricking Santa into renouncing his position.

XXIII. Home Alone

Kevin must defend his home from two burglars after his family mistakenly leaves him behind on their Christmas vacation.

XXIV. White Christmas

A classic Christmas musical film about Bob and Phil who are producers and Judy and Betty, a two sister act. They all end up in Vermont.

XXV. It’s a Wonderful Life

A classic Christmas movie about a man (George Bailey) who has given up his dreams in order to help others.


This are just a small selection of movies to watch during the holidays! Some of these are classic favorites of mine and others I will continue to enjoy throughout the holiday season for years to come. I enjoyed watching all of these movies.


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