Drinking More Water

Some habits I have dropped years ago include drinking soda pop and reducing sugar in tea/coffee. I few months ago, I found myself craving the fizz feeling of soda pop. As a child, I used to drink sparkling water and I decided to start drinking it again. I drink lots of water to stay hydrated for singing. I have found many ways to incorporated drinking enough water into my daily schedule.

Ways to drink more water:

Purified and Filtered water– Purified water taste better than tap. You can buy purified water bottles or you can get a water filter.

Image result for purified water system pur  Image result for purified water bottle   Image result for smartwater

PUR water faucet filter. Just one of many types of filters available. Please Recycle!

Sparkling Water– One of my current favorite ways to intake water. There are many different brands and flavors. This is a great choice for those who want to stop drinking soda and /or do not like the taste of regular water.

Image result for sparkling water Image result for sparkling water    Image result for sparkling water voss

Some of the brands I have had. Clear American, Smartwater, Voss.

Keep Track of Intakes- There are many apps dedicated to keeping track of how much water you drink. There are some that are included with food tracking. So just choose the best for you. You could also track by journaling or pen and paper.

Steam Water- One of my favorite things to do in the morning is drink steamed water. I usually boil water in my water kettle and drink water instead of tea. It gives a similar satisfaction like warm tea especially if you add lemon. Helps the immune system stay regulated.

Iced Water with fruit- I great refreshing drink is fruit infused water. One of my favorites is Strawberry, Lemon and Mint. This is a wonderful choice for those who love fruit. It is best to drink during the summer or after a workout.

Drinks I do not drink:

Soda Pop– Have not had for years

Energy Drinks– I opt for coffee and tea caffine


Juice– I reduce my intake, usually have one glass once a month

Milk– I drink almond milk weekly

These are some of the ways that I stay hydrated daily! Hope this helps you increase your water intake!




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