Disney+ is the go to hub for all things Disney. It features classic Disney (Princess Collection, Animated Movies and Disney Channel), Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic. The streaming service also includes content from the Disney/Fox merger (The Avatar, Fantastic Four, The Simpsons). Disney+ has been quite enjoyable to watch childhood favorites and original content.

Price: $6.99 per month

Free trail: 7 days

*Available on smart TVs, streaming devices, desktop, and app. App available apple and android.


Nostalgia– There are many old classic movies and first generation Disney Channel TV shows and movies. You can rewatch classic favorites.

Price– The price is lower than other streaming services.

Audio and Subtitles– Most of the content has audio and subtitles in multiple languages.

Kid Friendly– You can make a kid’s profile and apply kid mode.


Error 83– This is a common error that has happened on numerous occasion. It usually happens with service timeout, incompatible platform, or unstable wifi.

Muted Videos– Videos usually start playing with muted sound. If you sign out or close from watching, you may have to turn the volume on the video on again.

Content– Not all of the Marvel and Disney movies are on Disney+ because of previous deals with other streaming services.

Overall Disney+ has been a delight to have. It is still growing as a streaming services and it is constituently improving. I can not wait until all the live action Disney movies and Marvel movies are on the platform. So far Disney has made quite a competitive streaming service.



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