Be at Peace

One of my life mottos is to “be at peace”. There are many ways I create or would like to create peace. It can be peace with yourself, your environment, and between others. Here are some of my favorite ways to gain quietness.

Morning Silence– Getting ready in the morning without music or social feed. It is nice to start the day with a clear head.

Silence Break– Plan to spend a certain amount of time being quiet. Usually, I take 10-15 minutes of quiet time. During this time, I read, draw, or rest (power nap).

Designated Area– Make an area or space in your room/house for quiet time. Sometimes getting in a certain space can allow the body and mind to connect. It can help train yourself to make that area specifically for quiet activities.

Meditation– Spending some time meditating is relaxing and resets the mind.

Yoga– A great exercise and body and mind relaxer. Can go to a class or in a quiet place.

It is great to incorporate peace into life activities. It can help reduce stress and remain calm.





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