Digital Declutter

Have you ever opened your email and find multiple, irrelevant emails in your inbox? Do you get annoyed or frustrated to go through unneeded marketing emails? I usually am annoyed to find that I am emailed mostly promotional emails from websites/companies that I used previously or recently. As a consumer, I always know what and when I want things. So when I see emails from places I purchased items from, I unsubscribe from everything. I find it greedy for a company to constantly market items towards a consumer. I have only out used one email that I can no longer use. I have since decided to declutter any unnecessary things in my emails. There is no need to keep old promotional emails in your inbox that takes up space.

Another thing I like to do is declutter on social media accounts. It is easy to start following irrelevant people and businesses. So it is a healthy habit to organize my social media accounts to my needs. There have been studies that confirm the positive and negative impacts of constant advertising. I find it beneficial to prevent myself from seeing advertisements that may effect my mental wellbeing.

Here are some ways to declutter your email(s) and social media account(s).

UNSUBSCRIBE– Most times when you sign up for an account with a business, the settings are automatically subscribed to all emails. I immediately go to my settings and unsubscribe from all emails except for order email notifications. Unsubscribing is simple and usually is in account settings.

OPT OUT OF PROMOTIONAL– It can be easy to forget to opt out of promotional emails when you are shopping or opening a new account. Make sure to opt out of promotional emails ASAP.

DELETE ACCOUNTS– There have been many occasion where I have made accounts and never used them again. I still get endless emails from accounts that I don’t use so I usually delete them.

UNFOLLOW SOCIAL ACCOUNTS– I find it useful to unfollow business accounts on social media that are out of my price range for purchasing. This includes luxury brands and accessory shops. I like to try and limit how much advertising is being directed towards me online.

UNFOLLOW PEOPLE- I usually don’t follow celebrities and mega influencers.

TRASH OLD EMAILS- The best way to declutter. I only keep important and personal emails.

This is just a few ideas to conduct digital declutter.


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