Moon Time

A Women’s moon time is a wonderful time to appreciate being a women.

It is a powerful and uplifting message. I never thought of my mensuration as nasty or an inconvenience, however there are some people that do. There is so much that happens during a women’s moon time and it is not well understood or cared for in society. Growing up there were always commercials for hormonal drugs and feminine products. It represented a woman’s mensuration as an unpleasant experience. Even in schools, when I learned about mensuration it was done discreetly. The girls in the class were told to bring a bag to school to transfer the mensuration products and information from class to home. I also was not given much information on mensuration from my mother. I understand if mensuration was something she did not want to talk about (and did not feel comfortable teaching) but I have no problems sharing information of something natural that happens to most females.

I went throughout my first decade of my mensural cycle following what I had learned in school. I always accepted my mensuration to be a time of rest and reenergizing. When I learned about one’s moon time, I enjoyed how the menstrual cycle was respected. Moon Time is connected with the lunar cycle and it is powerful and sacred. During this time a moon ritual may be performed.

Moon Ritual- This is a time to celebrate being a woman and celebrate what your body is doing. There are many different ways to do a moon time ritual. It depends on what you like and what empowers you. One can recite a mantra, take a relaxing bath, and many other activities. The main purpose of the moon ritual is to allow a woman to be able to relax and focus on doing what is best for her body.

There is a lot of information about Moon Time and the emotional and physical aspects of mensuration. There is also many connections to Nature and Native American woman tradition. Down below are more links of information about Moon Time that I found helpful and interesting.


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