I have always detested the way society treats transitional phases. It is like there is an unwritten expiration or due date when the person in the transitional period should be over that transition. I have felt rushed with transitions because of school, work. etc. It is best to allow the transition to naturally grow and fade. With my current transitions, I want to allow myself the amount of time I need to fully transition.

High school to University: I rushed out of this transition because I was sick between that summer and I had so much preparation to complete. I did not give myself a proper break between the transition of the last memories of childhood into adulthood. It was rushed and I felt overwhelmed with the new responsibilities. I recommend gap years, they are well needed for high school grads wanting a break.

Breakups: I rushed out of the process of healing.

Self Love Journey: I did well with this transition, it was gentle and steady.

New Transition Phase, Uni Grad: I am in an “almost” quarter life crisis. My first time not in school ever is comforting. I have always had high stress levels and anxiety, so school (K-12 + Uni) was very hard on me. Everything elevated my stress and anxiety.

Now I am preparing for career change; Switching from one art form to another and learning how to refine my talent and artistic expression. I am currently working as a musician and I am going to switch to another art career. I am working on a minimal lifestyle, I am reducing the amount of things I own and saving.

No one person or transition takes the same time to heal. Transitions take however much time you need to heal and renew.


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