Academy Nominated Movies

The Oscars are early this year. I have only seen a few of the movies nominated. I reduced going to movies in 2019 so that is another factor. Here is my favorite nominees: two best animated and two best picture.

Favorite Nominees:

Toy Story 4– This movie is a great farewell to Woody. The story is a great ending to the Toy Story collection.

Klaus- This Netflix Original holiday film is about the origin of Santa. The story and music is excellent. I watched this during the holidays and it is something I look forward to watching years to come.

Parasite– This is a Korean film about a family trying to succeed and move up in social class. The movie is intense and addresses current issues of income gap in society.

Marriage Story– This Netflix Original film is about a couple’s journey through their divorce. This is an emotional movie and it has phenomenal acting.


Little Women– I am burnt out from seeing Little Women. I have seen and been in productions of Little Women. I think this story is wonderful but I need a break from it. I will see this movie eventually?

Joker– I am not into the joker by himself. I always loved the joker with other characters (Batman, Harley Quinn). I am not sure if a will ever see this movie. I heard it is really good?

*Congrats to the nominees and good luck for tonight!


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