Why do you feel disconnected from your social media account?

There have been so many times when I would change my social media name or delete extra accounts. I have had a bad habit of using more than one account on a platform. I usually have two accounts or more. Each account has a purpose, however when I feel disconnected from that purpose or account I want to delete it. I struggle to name things because names have deep meanings and I want the name of my account to not just be my name. I want a name that shows my personality and who I am in a certain moment of my life. I enjoy creating and pursuing my talents. Lately, I have been struggling to get rid of social media accounts that I do not need. I will be sad to delete an account because I feel I will become disconnected from the people who follow me. I know that once I delete an account I will have more time to spend on my other accounts that represent my current aesthetic. I know it will help relax my mind to not have to keep up with more account post activity. Another thing I have been changing is who I follow. I am making a goal to follow mostly non profit organizations or organizations with causes I support. I want my social media accounts to reflect the charity work and outreach I support. I think this is helpful to remind me of what is important. It is a big step to social media health for me and I am excited.

Here are ways to reconnect to social media: (my example plan)


Unfollow accounts that are irrelevant to you: Any accounts that were followed for giveaways.

Unfollow celebrities: Most celebrities get an income by post and follower count. There is no need to follow celebrities even the ones I like. I can find updates about them in many places wether I want to or not.

Unfollow luxury brands: This brands already have money and support. I find it a waste to follow brands like this on social media because if makes me feel like I am confiding in materialism.

Unfollow strangers you do not interact with: Sometimes I would follow people because I like the aesthetic or a few pictures on their account.

Delete account: If you have tried to revamp your account and still feel disconnected, delete the account. If you tried to reconnect so it is okay to let go of it.


Follow accounts that you like: This is anything that is in your interest. Any aesthetic, personalities, and organizations.

Follow accounts that inspire you: Any people or organizations that helps inspire you. Bloggers, Youtubers, Fitness, etc.

Follow accounts of inspirational people: Political, Environmental Activist, Feminism, Pride, Pageant Organizations.

I hope this helps anyone who feels disconnected with their social media account(s). I am constantly changing my aesthetic and changing my mind about certain things. I think it is healthy to disconnect from things that are not helping and to reconnect to the things that help one to grow.



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