Remembering what is important in our lives

Remembering what is important in our lives

Recently, I celebrated a birthday of a long time best friend. We have maintained our relationship for about 15 years. I am glad I got to celebrate with my friend and their family. I have many memories and moments that keeps me remembering what is important in live. Many times it takes a death to remind people of what they should appreciate but not for me. Making life long memories remind me of the important things. Everyone will die, why wait to appreciate when you could do it right now. Remembering what is important has changed the way I think about myself and my life. I use to ponder and question why to things that did not go my way but now I allow myself to accept and grow.

Remembering importance of Valentines Day

During Valentines Day, this year was the first year I saw positive change for loving others. There was Galentines, Happy love day, and people celebrating love with their fur babies. I enjoyed this year valentines day it was spent with my sister. We spent the evening watching rom coms and that was enough for me. That memory allowed me to remind myself of the importance of love of family. It was one of the best valentines for me.

Remembering importance of self love

When I remember what is important, it allows me to love myself more. It empowers me to not feel the need to have someone else give me what I already have. I am complete with myself. I have confidence, independence, and self reliant. Even though I am complete, I still allow myself to open up to people and belong with them.

I have so many amazing moments in the past week. It reminds me to continue the celebration, joy, and importance of love in our lives. There is so much love around you, all you have to do is stay open to it.


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