Shedding My Old Identity

“When you are shedding your old identity, realize you will often lack your typical energy, feel out of sorts, and perhaps be angry and confused.” – Wells, Kelly C.

Recently, I was thinking about how I am content and happy in my life right now. I never realized why that was until I recognized something. This is the first time in my life that I have not been in a toxic relationship. I am finally in a place that I could thrive and not worry about the things I do not have or could not control. I am in a place where I am trying to be better to myself and build for my future. However, I have been frustrated about not being able to transition into the person I want to be. My transition to get to being that person is long from over. I am just starting and it could not be more stressful. I am in the process of shedding my old identity to become anew. When shedding one’s skin, it is painful and it takes time. Like a snake it sheds for growth; it is uncomfortable in the beginning but the process, it symbolizes rebirth.


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