5 Things I miss about Uni

My library job- I miss my old library job. The people were kind and they made the working environment wonderful. I got a lot of work done and I got to get close to my co workers. This job was my favorite job so far. I did not make much but the work experience is unforgettable.

Daily visits to the snack store- I always reward myself for daily tasks. So during school I would get a treat for many things; school work, good test grade etc. Sometimes, it was simply for getting through with a rough assignment. Regardless of the grade or difficulty, I treated myself with snacks.

Daily walks around campus- I loved walking around campus without rushing. I loved to walk through the gardens and look at the nature. I would take photos and listen to music. This was another way I would relax. Sometimes, I would play Pokémon Go. There were many places to catch Pokémon.

Daily Starbucks- Everyday I looked forward to going to Starbucks. I would go just to get my favorite treats. Any time I was sad or having a bad day, I would always go to Starbucks. It was my cheer up place and I would get anything I wanted. Some days I would go twice.

My secret hiding spots– I had certain spots on campus that I would go relax or study. My spots were in places most people would not go or did not go to. I had three spots in the library. They were the most obvious spots. I worked in the library so went to those spots to relax and take breaks. My other spots were spread throughout campus. My favorite spot featured a huge window that I looked out of and could watch people walking below.

This is five of the things I miss about university! What are your favorite memories of school? Comment Below!


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