Women Power! 8 Movies to watch during Women’s History Month

It is Women’s History Month and I am celebrating by watching some of my favorite woman centered movies.

Movies that are inspiring for women:

legally blonde

Legally Blonde: When Elle gets dumped by her boyfriend. She works hard to get into the law school that he is attending to try and win him back.

Legally Blonde 2: Elle wants her dog, Bruiser to reunite with his mother. She finds out that his mother is owned by a company that test on animals. She goes to Washington D.C. to fight against animal testing.

Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality: FBI agent, Grace goes undercover as a pageant contestant.

ripley alien

Alien: Ellen is part of a space crew returning back to earth after a mission. During their journey they encounter a space creature.

Pitch Perfect franchise: This movie series focuses on the adventures and competitions of The Barden Bellas, an all female acappella group.

Teeth, hair and relentless butt shots: Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu in Charlie's Angels

Charle’s Angels (2000): The Angels are hired to solve a case and protect a client, Eric Knox and his software.

Charle’s Angels: Full Throttle- The Angels return to help solve a case involving people on the witness protection program.

Charle’s Angels (2019): This is the third installment of the Charle’s Angels franchise. This focuses on a new generation of Angels.

These movies are a small representation of women power films. There are much more films that represent women empowerment.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cassieblog says:

    Such a great list. Thanks for sharing. Legally blind is one of my favorite movies 🎥

    1. Cassieblog says:

      Meant to say legally Blonde

      1. Thank you for reading!

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