Why I still struggle with loving myself? 5 things I have learned

I struggle to forgive myself for past mistakes that are currently effecting me

I struggle to move on from some things in the past because it is still apart of my present

I struggle to love myself because I regret so much I did not do

There are days when I wake up and I am sad and/or angry at my situation or myself. I just have overwhelming sadness and I just break down and cry. It happens every once in a while. It usually happens randomly, it may also be my hormones. However, I usually feel this way when I am not on my moon time. So, I am sure it most likely is not my hormones. It is frustrating to wake up still mad at my life and how most of my dreams are still in progress.

My self love journey is still in process and it will be a never ending battle. I am aware that my self hate stems from negative energy and comments made about me. I am aware that my bad situation does not mean I hate myself. If I can only control certain aspects of a situation than I accept that reality and I do not punish myself. This is what I have learn with my self love journey.

I can change my inner voice: This is hard to do. I am still working on this and I can not wait for my inner voice to be a voice of optimism. Many people have their parents disapproval or negativity as their inner voice. This used to be me. Every time I did something wrong or against what I knew they did not like, my parents voices were in my head criticizing me.

I love myself the most: No one will love you more than you love you. Love yourself more than anyone can love you. Spoil yourself, buy your favorite things, splurge sometimes for yourself. It is better to be self absorbed than to lack love for yourself.

I can practice self care: Self care is a step towards self love.

Practice self love in every element of life: Wether it be finance, school, health, etc. Practice self love. Be determined set goals that benefit you. For finance, stay with your budget, for school, plan study and complete assignments before due dates, etc.

Be your biggest fan: Celebrate what you have accomplished and be proud of yourself.


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