5 Great Finance Tips! How to enjoy entertainment services you want and still save money.

There are many options when if comes to entertainment. There are also many services that offer different music, movies and shows. When you are trying to save money or trying to budget, you still want to enjoy some form of entertainment. This is 5 ways to save on entertainment services!

Pick certain months to have streaming services:

I never use a streaming service consistently through out the year. Some months I have a bigger work load, so I do not watch as much. I usually stream at the the end of the year more than the spring/summer months. Picking certain times of the year to have a streaming service can save you money.

*Netflix per year= basic $108, premium $192 vs Netflix for 3 months =basic $27 , prem. $48

Use free streaming:

Listen to free music streaming with ads. I use many music streaming with and without ads. Watch free streaming. Vudu offers many free titles to stream. They also have free original shows. You only need to sign up for an account. YouTube is one of my favorite ways to stream music and entertainment. There are many other choices.

Use the library:

The library has many free entertainment services. You can possibly get free downloads for music. Libraries have a huge catalog with different genres. I recently found a collection of the Game of Thrones TV series at my local library. It is in DVD format. This is the most frugal and affordable option.

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Share accounts with family, friends, SO, etc.:

Many streaming services allow you to have different profiles and/ or family plans. Offer to pay for one subscription and them another, then share! It will save lots for both parties.

*Disney+ per month $6.99, per year $69.99  *Hulu per month $5.99, per year $71.88

Use free trails/discounts:

Using free trails can be beneficial to save. There are varies free trail lengths with different streaming services. Most have a free month or a free week. Sometimes there are special offers that are offered to a customer. I have seen offers for Spotify $0.99 for 3 months. Also use discounts, especially for Black Friday digital discounts. There have been many offers during that time for a great price.

Hope this will help with saving and keeping to your budget. Enjoy!




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