Social Distancing

Before the current events of this year, I would use social distancing for many different reasons. It made me appear unsocial and unapproachable. I would distance myself for five reasons: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Moon Time. Now it is a necessity for health and well being.

When people are told to partake in social distancing, it is meaning physical distancing. For me I am needing to practice social, emotional and mental distancing. I try to stay away from social media, tv, and any type of entertainment outlet but I cannot escape the situation. Even when I am with family and friends the situation is brought up and it makes me feel restrained and bounded to constantly hear about this topic. I cannot avoid the current situation and it makes me feel varies range of emotions. The most frustrating thing is finding yourself in a worsened mental and emotional state because of the chaos. People who are panicking are making things worse for my stress levels and anxiety. Things are not going to calm down for an unknown time so, I most likely will take a week to a two-week break from social media and other forms of technology (with the exception of my blog). I am mentally and emotionally drained. I cannot take any more about the situation. I have tried to stay positive and distance myself emotionally and I cannot handle it. It has been a difficult situation to deal with and I want to refrain myself from any more exposure on this topic.

*Please if you know someone who has high stress or anxiety levels, avoid talking about the current situations. Talk to them and ask them if they are doing well.

Stay Well,



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