How to dedicate your mornings to doing things you love

Have you ever wanted to do more things that you love? Do you find yourself not having enough time to complete or accomplish your hobbies? There is a way to create time for things you want to do. Dedicate the first few hours of the day to doing the things you love. Here are some formulas to help!


20/20/20 Formula: This formula, you take 20 minutes for three activities: 20 Sweat, 20 journal, 20 meditate. This can be broke into 10/10/10 or 4/4/4. This method can be used to prep yourself for the day. It is a powerful method to program yourself so that you can start your morning with clarity, energy, and power.

90-90-1 or 30-30-1 or 45-45-1 Formula: This formula you take 90 days and devote the first 90 minutes of your morning to focus on your interest, (90 minutes of sewing). This can be broke into 30/30 (60) minutes or 45/45 (90) minutes, (30 read, 30 meditate). This helps build a habit and consistence in what you are dedicated to.

Self Care Morning Routine

Spending the morning to focus on your interest is beneficial to starting the day. It allows time to be given to things that may not happen later in the day. Choosing the morning to do your hobbies/interests allows you to put yourself first before anything else that day. I usually use the 90-90-1 Formula because I like to build the habit of self care in the morning.

Some of my favorite ways to spend my morning:

Drink Tea or Hot Water: Water is the best thing to drink after waking up. I like hot water that I boil in an electric kettle. Sometimes I add lemon, which helps with the immune system. Then I like to drink some tea.

Journal- Writing in the morning helps with concentration. There is not much noise in the morning so it’s a great time to journal thoughts and ideas.

Meditation– Waking up to silence or gentle music helps start the day peacefully. It is a good way to transition into work for the day.

Yoga/Stretching: I like to do Yoga or gentle stretching in the morning. Since I do not like hardcore workouts, I like stretching to get my muscle awake. Yoga goes well with meditation music.



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