Sakura 桜

One of my favorite times of the year is when the cherry blossoms bloom.  Cherry blossoms are my favorite flower, they are pink and smell wonderful. I did not grow up knowing what cherry blossoms were. At first I liked them because they are pink which is my favorite color. It was not until I saw cherry blossoms in person that I became obsessed with them. The are so beautiful to watch fall of the branches. When looking at them bloom it is magical.

The cherry blossom in Japan is called sacrum and combines numerous symbolic meanings of terms such as life, death, courage, sadness, happiness, femininity, relationship to life.

The sakura flowers bloom and fall every year. It represents renewal and the beginning of spring. It also represents a major Buddhist theme, the transience of life. Hanami is flower viewing, usually referring to sakura flowers. It is a time to have a picnic under the cherry blossom trees and celebrate.

Cherry Blossoms will always be my favorite flower and one of my favorite ways to welcome spring! What is your favorite flower? Do you celebrate anything for the the spring season? Comment Below!



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