Sharing Space with a Roommate: 4 Tips

In university there is a high chance of having a roommate throughout the time you attend. Sometimes you will have more than one roommate if you choose a bigger housing arrangement. There might be a time that you have to share space and/or share a room. Roommates help with the cost of living and it is not always a pleasant experience. If you have been to university or you are getting ready to attend, roommates can be a great option to consider.

Roommates during university

I have been fortunate to have amazing roommates. I have not had any horrible experiences with a roommate. I have had some things that bothered me but nothing bad. All my roommates kept to themselves and did not cross any boundaries.

Four tips:

Set quiet hours if not in a dorm: Setting a certain time to be quiet is great because it allows everyone to enjoy some down time. I like to meditate and it was important to be quiet in the morning.

Assign cleaning duties: Any areas shared should be cleaned by each roommate. This house rule is very effective because it allows the shared areas stay clean and it also makes everyone accountable for their mess. One way to put this in effect is to pick a designated time and date to clean each week.

Share storage space: Have a section for each shared storage leaving room for all roommates. One of the most shared storage places is the kitchen. Each person should have space for food and drink storage. If it is a community kitchen evenly share grocery expense and cooking duties per week.

Inform roommate(s) of guest: Before inviting guest over, make sure that you inform your roommate especially if you share a room. It is rude to invite someone over with no warning for your roommate(s). It is a common curtesy to make sure that your roommate(s) is aware regardless of the guest.




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