The Benefits of Never Owning a TV

I have never owned a tv. When I was a kid, my first tv I knew was the family tv that my parents had. It was an old analog tv with the dial to switch the channels, an on/off button, and two antennas at the top. It was and is still my favorite tv. After my parents got another tv, it was digital and it had a remote. I was obsessed with how easy it was to use and how great it was to stay in one spot when I wanted to turn on the tv or change the channel.

After a few years with the tv, all I wanted was to watch it. My parents had cable and many entertainment devices so I got to watch many movies and tv shows. One of my favorite things was going to Blockbuster and picking out movies to watch with my siblings. Another favorite thing was watching Disney Channel movies and other cable tv shows on the weekend. Then my parents got a bigger cable package and we had the Disney channel station!

When I was at school I realized that some of my classmates had tv’s in their room. I shared with my sister so, I never had my own room. However, the one thing we both wanted was a tv. When I think about it now, I am happy and grateful my parents did not put a tv in our room. It is a start of an addiction to something that is not needed.

During my junior year of high school, I got my first phone and my first laptop. My phone had no camera and only three sound settings. It was small and only to be used for communication. It could get Yahoo when I went on the web. So I usually read yahoo articles for entertainment when I rode the bus. I always checked my daily horoscope, it was quite entertaining and an upgrade from having books.

My laptop was a purple HP, that my dad got me. I was constantly needing use of a computer so he got it for my school work. When I did not have any assignments, I started watching videos. I watched YouTube a lot and charged my iPod shuffle. I moderately used my computer until I discovered Hulu. During this time Hulu was free on desktop, so I made an account and watched anything I could without a paying subscribtion. Since I never had my own tv, my laptop became my addiction. When I first got my laptop, I was convinced that I would only use it for school. As time progressed, I joined the streaming culture.

While I attended university, I felt no need to get a tv. My first roommate had a tv so I used theirs. Throughout university, I mostly used my HP laptop and my MacBook. My HP is old but I took good care of her (I named my computer Violet). Now that I finished university, I have moved back with my parents.

I did not realize how fortunate I am to not be attached to a tv. I read many surveys and statistics. One of them stated that 99% of American households owned at least one tv! That is a lot of households and a lot of TVs. With everything that’s happening right now, I have never been so grateful. However, the current situation is I find myself in a household with cable. I do not purposely watch cable news but it is constantly on in the background. It is hard to avoid when I leave my room to go to other parts of the house. I have no idea how and why older generations cling to the tv. I find it mentally exhausting to watch the news channel all day hearing the same topics repeating over and over. I also find it annoying to watch what is programmed.

I prefer streaming services to get entertainment and news. I get my news from social media (mostly snapchat: NBC News Stay Tuned). I like having the option to filter what I see and hear. Most importantly, I can stream without needing a television.

My benefits:

Save Money: TV’s are expensive. Cable is costly!

Better Mental and Emotional Health: I do not have the best mental and emotional health, so if I was constantly watching cable I would be worse. I would suffer more from information overload and bad news. Most news is not good news.

More Space for other things: TV’s take up space. There could be more room for books, storage, collectables, etc.

Better Sleep: During university, I had a phase when I would stay at my parents for the weekend. I would sleep on the couch and watch tv all night.


Having a tv is not needed. In society and socially, it can feel like a requirement to need a tv because it is assumed to be the norm. Views and perspectives are changing on cable and tvs. Maybe one day not having a tv is better understood.



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