The long awaited Quibi app launched April 6, 2020.  The app was available Sunday evening on the 5th. There is a 90 day free trail. Two subscription options $4.99 with ads or $7.99 ad free.

From the start after the sign up. It gave me a SnapChat vibe with the follow button and the notification bell. Since the app just came out, I have watched some of the shows and I wanted to review my favorites so far.


50 States of Fright- I am so excited, I was waiting to start this show. It is a horror anthology featuring horror stories from every state in the USA. There is only one state story so far, Michigan Part 1-3.

Singled Out- A revamped MTV dating show. This is an okay dating show wish it was longer, it goes by fast. The audience has no time to know the person or the possible dates.

Nikki Fre$h– This is my favorite show so far. I was not sure what to expect, however I was into this so by the second episode. I love the music, very creative and informative.

The Rachel Hollis Show- This show is a lifestyle and wellness themed. I enjoyed the first episode. I am excited to watch more!

Sexology- with Shan Boodram similar to her Facebook watch show Makeup or Breakup (2017-2018). I am glad to see her on Quibi, its a good platform for her show.

Some Cons and Pros about the app.


I had trouble signing up on my Apple device. I do not know if there is a glitch on my phone but it worked with no trouble on my Android.

No Binge Watching. Not all of the episodes are released. The users have to wait every weekday for all shows to get new content.


Excellent watching format Vertical and Horizontal.

Options for captions, English CC, English and Spanish.

Can share snapchat, email, copy link, etc.


So far this app is slowly becoming interesting to watch videos from. I do not know if I want to keep this subscription service but I will enjoy it for now.


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