How my Self Love Journey affected my Self Care

My self care routines dwindled, when I started to focus on loving myself and keeping myself mental sane. I had the best skin care and body care. I always had my nails done and makeup but it wasn’t what I needed to focus on. My self love was based on how much I cared for myself. The more I spent on makeup, skin care, or any beauty product/service, I believed it would get me to love me.

Before my self love journey my thought process and inner critic was fragmented.

I was mad at myself

I was toxic to myself

I hated being me

I judged myself

I was a hard critic to myself

I hated my body, my mind, and the way I processed and thought about things

After the start of my self love journey, I have noticed that I have been wanting to obtain the same or a better self care routine that I previously had but combine it with self love and personal empowerment.

I strive to eat better

I strive to have better dental hygiene

I strive to have better skin care (body and face)

I strive to incorporate more physical self care to my daily routine

I strive to have better finances

I strive to set clear boundaries

I am challenging myself to add these practices gradually to gain better self care. Now I can finally focus on both without needing to just focus on one element. Both self love and self care can help with improving lifestyle and health.






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